Tips for Buying Adult Diapers & Briefs

Western society has always attached a social stigma to the loss of bladder control and usually linked it to a general loss of bodily control in older age. Although most of people know that incontinence is just a sign of an underlying medical issue, the stigma remains. Therefore, many people who suffer from incontinent problems are often embarrassed about buying adult diapers in the physical store. You might bump into your family or friends or even need to wait in line with your diapers.

Actually, this embarrassment can be avoided nowadays thanks to the internet! Online ordering for the incontinence products is a fantastic alternative. You don’t need to put yourself out there, all the transactions are done online in the privacy of your own home and when you purchase incontinence products from, we ship your order to you in a blank box. Privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Tips for Buying Adult Diapers

When you first decide to buy adult diapers, keep the following helpful tips in mind.

Type of Diapers

Chose from cloth diapers or disposable diapers. The major difference in the two is cost. Cloth diapers can be worn and washed over and over, whereas disposable diapers are used once then thrown out. If you do not like to mess of washing, it’s easier and more convenient to buy disposable diapers.

Waist or HipSize

Diaper sizes are measured based on your waist or hip size. Wearing a wrong size diaper can cause you or your loved one to feel uncomfortable or may result in leakage. Know your size or have your waist measured before ordering. It is suggested the you first measure your waist size, then measure your hip size. Take the larger of the two measurements as the base for choosing the right size. With a multitude of manufacturers in the marketplace, sizes tend to vary quite a bit, so taking the larger measurement of the two mentioned above as a guideline is a safe bet. 

Absorption/Protection Level

No diaper is made the same. Some suffer from light, moderate or even severe incontinence. Purchasing diapers with the right protection level is important since wearing diapers with a lower protection level than what you need may result in an embarrassing situation. If you only have light incontinence needs, then choose your level and don’t feel the need to spend more for ‘higher’ protection.

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Whether you are buying ‘protection’ for yourself or for someone you care for, make sure you stick to the tips above for the best results. Each person is different and there are many choices so knowing yourself or your loved ones needs is important.

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