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1 Piece Closed Pouch

One piece system is generally less bulky and more flexible so it’s hardly visible under the clothes. It adheres more securely to scarred and uneven skin.

There is no messy cleaning up and re-sealing the 1-piece closed pouch. This is a clean and neat option. You get a fresh start everytime. Since you don't need to drain and clean it, it is much faster and easier to change the pouch. These 1-piece closed ostomy pouches are completely sealed for protection against leakage at the bottom. 

The closed pouch can be replaced one to three times a day.

One-piece closed pouch works well with the output of thicker consistency. Drainable pouch manage better with a more liquid output.

There’s no clip in the end of the pouch to poke your leg. If you don’t like the clip but still prefer drainable pouch, Hollister’s Lock ‘n Roll Microseal Closure has no clip and is more comfortable against the body.

1-piece systems are generally less expensive than 2-piece systems.

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