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1 Piece Drainable Pouch

One piece system is generally less bulky and more flexible. It adheres more securely to scarred and uneven skin.

The 1-piece drainable pouch does not require changing as often as a closed pouch. Also, you might use less pouches. One-piece drainable pouch manages well with a more liquid output and is easy to empty before disposal.

The 1-piece drainable pouches can be changed daily. (This may not be advisable for a sensitive skin.)

Some designs have a clip in the end of the pouch to poke you. However, If you don’t like the clip but still prefer drainable pouch, Hollister’s Lock ‘n Roll Microseal Closure has no clip and is more comfortable against the body.

1-piece systems are generally less expensive than 2-piece systems.

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