Beauty Meets Function in’s  Elran Luxury Lift Lounger Chairs

Beauty Meets Function in’s Elran Luxury Lift Lounger Chairs

Elran Luxury Lift Lounger Chairs

The word “lounge” has always been associated with comfort -- whether it be defined as a verb, passing time idly and languidly; or as a noun, a comfortable drawing room or waiting area to pass time in leisure.’s new line of Elran automated lift and recline lounger chairs certainly live up to the definition of comfort. Beautifully designed to optimize comfort for individuals of any size, these lounger chairs come in tall, medium, small and petite sizes to fit any living space. A generous seat width, padded armrests and an adjustable footrest offer support and comfort in any seated or reclining position. Models in fabric upholstery come in tan or dark brown. Leather upholstered models come in tan, medium or dark brown. These designer shades will complement any décor, traditional or modern.

The class of noblemen and aristocrats in earlier eras may have been able to indulge in uninterrupted leisure but our modern lives are occupied with activity. When it’s time to get up from the lounger, its star feature, the single or dual motor hand-remote operated lift mechanism will assist you in getting up from a seated position. It also allows you to recline back in a smooth gliding motion.

The deluxe medium lounger offers an optional heated message therapy feature for ultimate function and comfort.

Whether seated upright, partially or fully reclined, these loungers are perfect for an assortment of daily activities including eating, watching TV, reading or napping. The Elran Luxury Lift and Recline Loungers are chairs to live in.

Protect and prolong the life of your investment in comfort with the Quickcover Waterproof Furniture Protector. Available in five colours that are complementary to your Elran Luxury Lift Lounger Chair.

14th Apr 2016

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