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Hospital Beds For Home Use

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Acute long-term illness or injury could befall anyone, anytime. What happens when it happens to you or someone under your care? You may be facing a crisis situation in which many decisions need to be made, including how to look after finances and health care needs. Should you get a hospital bed? Do you rent or buy one? Those are some of the questions that face families and caregivers of home care patients.

Hospital beds have several features that aid in patient care which regular beds do not:

  • The bed frame and mattress articulate up and down, making it easier for bedridden individuals to sit comfortably and reposition themselves periodically. This helps to alleviate stress on contact pressure points in the body to help prevent bed sores and improve blood circulation.
  • Individuals who have some conditions such as dementia, require constant monitoring and sometimes restraint to prevent injury. Hospital beds can accommodate monitoring equipment and have safety features such as full or partial bed rails to lessen the risk of fractures due to falls. 
  • Mobility challenged patients can also hold onto a bed rail as a steadying support when transferring in and out of bed.
  • Being able to adjust the height of the bed helps patients to get in and out of bed, and will help caregivers reach patients, when administering care such as in changing dressings or feeding the patient.

While renting a hospital bed for home use may seem like a cost-effective choice to make, you need to consider that rental units have most likely been used by others in the past, making the quality of the bed, and especially the mattress, suspect.

Renting , especially long-term, will ultimately cost more in out-of-pocket expenses than buying a new hospital bed.

The average cost of renting a basic hospital bed in Canada is about $150.00 monthly. That’s an output of $1,800.00 a year. Compare that to buying’s Full Hospital Bed with 80” Therapeutic Mattress at $999.00! That’s already $800.00 back in your own pocket. has a full range of hospital beds, mattresses and accessories that cost under $2,000.00. We have the best brands in home health care including Drive Medical, Medline and Delta for standard or bariatric size hospital beds.

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