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Pediatric Ostomy

Kids should be kids. They need most of the same conveniences found in adult ostomy supplies.  Pediatric ostomy supplies are scaled to fit and conform to smaller bodies, available from major suppliers of Ostomy supplies: Hollister Pouchkins and ConvaTec Little Ones(coming soon).  

-Pouchkins pediatric ostomy products are small-sized pouches for newborns, infants, and young children. Materials used in the Pouchkins line are constructed with soft plastics and ComfortWear fabrics for extra comfort for a baby’s sensitive skin.


-ConvaTec Little Ones offers all the benefits of ConvtaTec’s ostomy products for the needs of children and the preference of their parents. Each pouch is designed to fit the contours of a child’s body and sit comfortably and gently on their skin. Little Ones includes post-operative, colostomy, illeostomy, and urostomy supplies, including some colored prints.

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