Laura Amber Wood, BScH, Pn1
Holistic Nutrition Expert & Founder of Lavish Nutrition

Laura Amber Wood

Laura is a mom of 2, holistic nutrition expert & founder of Lavish Nutrition, where she teaches women of all ages (but especially those women over 50) how food actually works when it comes to their weight, their hormones and their overall wellness. She is the creator of the Lavish Method, a successful online weight loss program that revolves around using food to properly balance hormones and blood sugar and allow for the good stuff in life like wine & chocolate without the accompanying guilt. This program is currently being adapted and implemented by hundreds of Naturopathic Doctors, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers and other Wellness Practitioners both in Canada and Internationally.

Laura has a BScH in Biology from Carleton University, a diploma in Natural Nutrition from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and is Pn1 certified from Precision Nutrition. She has been featured on multiple platforms including Thrive Global, That Clean Life & The Naughty Nutritionists.



Instagram: @lavishnutrition_laura


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