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Dear Mr. Balolia,

Arthritis and Emphysema had me staggering down to my local shops, cane in one hand and shopping in the other. Out of breath due to emphysema, I'd have to lean on the telephone pole every 200 meters or so to recover my breath. Then I saw your ad in the newspaper and ordered your sale-price Rollator and my outdoor life is now much easier. In addition to the existing storage space, I've hung one of those black fabric Loblaws bags from the two wingnuts so that it hangs in the space between the seat and the front horizontal strut, giving me extra storage for bought groceries. And as far as getting out of breath, all I now do is stop on level ground and sit until ready to continue. Thank you for the special sale-price on this rollator and for having a catalogue of so many useful aids.

Yours Truly,

Bob Norris, age 78.

Port Credit, Ontario



I cannot believe I received my order so quickly. I placed the order on Dec 18th and received it on Dec 21st. I did not think it would arrive before Christmas but to my surprise it did. Thank you so much for the outstanding service. It was a please dealing with you. - Deb Blanchette  


I will be telling my co-workers about this web site. I am a caregiver and its good to know I can recommend a web site with so many great products geared towards many of my patients. So far my main patient says all of her orders have come in without any issues and came quickly. Keep up the good work and please continue to add more helpful products for seniors - N/A



Super quick and free shipping will defineitely get to order again! - Salma in Pickering



Found out about your company from busy bee's web site. Im happy to know there is a reputable company on the internet selling thse kinds of products. Lord knows I could use a lot of them and my wife was impressed with your catalogue. We will be ordering again. - Alex Smith


I have place 3 orders in a short time and am very happy with the serivce. I have phoned in all 3 orders and the people that have answered my calls have been very nice to speak with and knew a lot about what I was looking for. I also like that the boxes are plain which helps when orders diapers. I appreciate the free shipping as well, thank you very much. - Jules Martin


Thanks for the speedy delivery! Everything arrived as advertised, I will be ordering again soon. Also, thanks for the free gift, I have used the tea maker several times now, its quite handy. - Shriley Gold


I heard about your company through a friend and have since turned many patients on to your web site as I primarily deal with older patients or their caregivers. I have yet to order myself from you which was a bit troubling considering I recommended your site, but I am writing this testimonial on behalf of many of my patients who tell me your service and products are top notch. The web site is well laid out and there are many interesting items. Keep up the good work! - Dr. Travis


Your store has become my new place to buy vitamins! Your prices are good and shipping free! You have saved me time and money on gas, thank you and keep up the good work. I love the smiley faces on the receipts! - Linda Florence


I am taking care of my father who is in his early 90's now. I am thankful to have found your store by searching for adult diapers. There are so many products on here that are helpful for my father. The first 3 orders I placed all arrived very fast and I am impressed so far. I will be telling my friends about this store. My dad says thank, although he has never seen your webiste. Can you please send me a catalogue. Thanks - Tom. J


I have ordered 6 times now from and have had no issues with each order except the last one where the reacher I ordered was the wrong size. I ordered the 32" and was shipped the 26.5". I spoke with a really friendly person, sorry I forgot her name, and she was very nice and sent me the correct size without question. I enjoy browsing your site as there are many unqiue items.Also, if you can come out with a master catalogue, that would be handy as well, paper catalogues are still best I think. - Ian Faith


Very happy that my order was shipped in a discreet package. Only I want to know what I ordered so I appreciate the fast delivery and low key packaging. Marcy, Ottawa


I am very happy with all the products I ordered. Thank you. I ordered an array of items and it all came together and in only a few days after I ordered it. The Dr. Ho neck comforter was for my father and he already swears by it. I ordered our regualr vitamins that we usually buy at Shoppers Drug Mart and it was much cheaper ordering through your company and Free shipping. Thanks again! - Doug Mitchell, Manitoba


I have been using your company to order Attends Breifs. I have been using the same breifs for a long time, before I found your site but was embarrsed to buy this is a store and I dreaded going in each time. But ordering for your company is easy and the boxes arrive plain and unnoticeable. Thank you for your great service! - Joan.S

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