Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any penalties if I pay the financing off early?

No, you can pay off the loan in full or make additional payments at any time without any penalty.

Can I use the Virtual Visa Card anywhere else?

No, the Virtual Visa Card is good for use at the location you applied for only or 24 hours after approval. If the card expires you can call Paybright to have it reactivated up to 3 times.

Who owns the machine/purchase? Me or Paybright?

You own the machine, PayBright financing is open and unsecured. If you are unsure about this or have more questions, call Paybright at 877.276.2780

 How do returns work if I paid with Paybright?

Purchases made using PayBright financing are subject to AgeComfort standard return policy . Any returns will be processed by Agecomfort, and your PayBright loan balance will be reduced or cancelled accordingly. If you have already made monthly payments, those will be refunded to you by PayBright.

How do I track my payments, change banking info, prepay with Paybright etc?

You will be given a unique customer portal to do all of the above on Paybright’s website

Who can apply for Paybright financing?

PayBright is available to Canadian residents above the age of majority, which is 18 or 19, depending on your province.

Are there any limits for purchases with Paybright?

Paybright financing is available for orders between $500 and $15,000.

I was not able to complete my Paybright application? What happened?

Unfortunately, PayBright is not able to provide payment plans to every applicant. This could be due to the information on your credit file, or because PayBright was not able to verify your identity or your payment method. For further information, please contact PayBright .

What is Paybrights phone number?

877.276.2780 Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm EST, and Saturday-Sunday from 10am-6pm EST

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