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Sore and swollen legs, coupled with numbness and cramping are all related to poor circulation. The BIOS Compression Pump was developed by medical professionals to alleviate the symptoms associated with poor lower leg circulation.

Key Features:

  • Reduces pain and swelling in lower legs and feet
  • Improves varicose veins
  • Prevents blood clots (DVT)
  • Medically proven to enhance circulation
  • Can be worn comfortably all day

How it Works:

The BIOS Living Compression Pump is worn on the calf. The wave motion mimics muscle contractions and prevents blood from pooling in the lower leg. Weighing only ½ a pound, it can be worn comfortably all day and night.

Clinically Proven to Work 

In clinical studies conducted at the McMaster Medical Center, the BIOS Compression Pump increased circulation by a remarkable 88% with only 50 minutes of use. A second research study showed a 79% decrease in blood clots in neurosurgical patients after their operations. The gentle soothing wave action on the back of the calf, effectively stops blood from pooling and has been medically proven to increase PVF (Peak Venous Flow) by 88%. 

Health Canada Approved 

For most users, alleviating pain and swollen legs is enough, but the BIOS Living Pump is a Class II medical device with approved indications from Health Canada:

• Varicose veins 
• Damage done to the veins after a blood clot (symptoms related to post thrombotic syndrome (PTS)) 
• Prevention of Blood clots (deep vein thrombosis /DVT) 
• Swollen legs (Peripheral Edema) 
• Veins with problems sending blood from the legs back to the heart (venous insufficiency) 
• Cramping, sore or tired legs (Intermittent Claudication)

Product Reviews

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  1. Velcro straps and band

    Velcro straps and band 4 Margaret Wolfe 18th Dec 2019

    Posted by Margaret Wolfe on 18th Dec 2019

    The Velcro sometimes comes loose on the band, and it falls down to my ankles. My shoulders are very painful, so maybe I’m having trouble getting it tight enough.
    It’s working well, to keep the swelling down. I usually wear it over compression stockings. I’m mostly happy with it, except for the band which looks like it needs replacing already.

  2. Excellent customer service

    Excellent customer service 5 David Atkins P.Eng. 6th May 2018

    Posted by David Atkins P.Eng. on 6th May 2018

    I purchased a spare Bios Compression Pump for my wife who has been using hers for many months. It is light and easy to use and has a unique wave action to aid lower leg circulation.
    Unfortunately the new machine stopped working after less than ten hours of use. However the customer service from Age Comfort and the manufacturer was excellent and a brand new unit was delivered to our home in less than three days after the initial contact was made with customer service. I highly recommend this Health Canada approved device.

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