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Confidry is not available for the foreseable future.

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These new ConfiDry™ briefs from Dry Care™ are designed for heavy incontinence and maximum protection, with a 3-D Core Absorbance System that boasts a capacity of up to 2-3 litres. 

Its dependable leak control system keeps skin, clothing and bedding dry for 12 hours or more, allowing for 2-3 changes in a 24-hour period. 

Its exceptionally strong and durable construction combined with soft, downy linings help in preventing severe skin problems; guarantee skin dryness, odour control and pH neutralization. All briefs are plastic-backed.


  • 3-D Core Absorbency System absorbs fluids instantaneously, thereby reducing severe skin irritation and its waterproof outer layer guards from embarrassing leaks.
  • All Briefs feature a white plastic waterproof outer layer
  • Refasten-able tabs are easy to use and can be opened and refastened numerous times without discarding.
  • Elastic, tall-standing legs (leg cuffs) provide extra protection and security from leakage.
  • Elastic waistband adds extra inches for a more comfortable feeling, while preventing potential skin problems.
  • Acquisition layer allows faster urine penetration, thereby preventing a wet feeling in sensitive areas.
  • Snug fit guards against unnecessary rubbing and skin irritation.

Size Chart:

SKU# Size# Waist/Hip





Small 21"-31"

Bag of 18

Case of 4 bags



Medium 32"-42"

Bag of 18

Case of 4 bags



Large 43"-65"

Bag of 18

Case of 4 bags


 User benefits:

  • Provides a normal, active lifestyle
  • All-night uninterrupted sleep
  • Healthier & drier skin
  • Savings in laundry costs
  • Less changes throughout the day
  • Prevents chafing and sores
  • Prevents severe skin problems
  • Reduces needs for creams and skin ointments
  • Discreet and ideal for travel
  • Gives a feeling of confidence
  • Full dignity and better quality of life


Product Reviews

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  1. a bit pricey but very absorbent

    a bit pricey but very absorbent 5 Unknown 4th Jun 2015

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2015

    I have tried many brands of adult diapers for night time protection and the dry 24/7 are larger in size medium than any other diaper i tried.these diapers were more comfortable and more absorbent which allows me to sleep through the night

  2. Pricey, but great!

    Pricey, but great! 5 Adrian Merrill 19th May 2015

    Posted by Adrian Merrill on 19th May 2015

    Having worn diapers since 1985, I've tried many, many brands (I used to buy them from Germany). As far as what's available in Canada, these are hands-down the best.
    At 5'9" / 180 / 35" waist, the medium actually fit me properly (most mediums do not fit as well).
    This diaper out-performs Abri-Form XPLUS *and* Molicare Super Plus.
    While it may not be the most discreet (or affordable) diaper, it's extremely absorbent (if you need more absorbency at night, at the Abena booster pad - the end) *and* comfortable.

  3. very good diaper

    very good diaper 5 andrew bryce 14th May 2015

    Posted by andrew bryce on 14th May 2015

    I have tried thease diapers before in size medium and I found them to be a bit to big for me so this time I ordered small and to my surprise thay fit perfectly I compared them to the abena m4 diapers and thay are the same size so when ordering these diapers I suggest if you normally were medium get the small as a reference my wast size is 34 and I my whate is 185 pounds and the small dry 24\7 fit me perfectly

  4. great product, minor drawback

    great product, minor drawback 4 Matt G. 10th May 2015

    Posted by Matt G. on 10th May 2015

    Ive had nighttime incontinence my whole life. Ive been though many different products.These however are some of the best quality diapers ive recieved, only con is that the tapes aren't always the best i never had any tapes actually break or anything but the glue doesnt always stick.

  5. Nighttime Use is Hit and Miss

    Nighttime Use is Hit and Miss 4 Unknown 8th May 2015

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2015

    I have been using these for overnight use and the tabs don't always work well. So many nights I get leaking when I sleep on my side. They might work well for day use, but I have bladder control when I am awake. My issue is night incontinence. I will be trying another brand...

  6. Maximum protection for bedwetting

    Maximum protection for bedwetting 5 Unknown 29th Apr 2015

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Apr 2015

    Optimal protection for night time incontinence. Very comfortable, no leaks, super absorbent, skin stay dry, plastic backing is very soft and not too noisy under sleepwear. It is a bulky not discrete diaper brief, this is not really an issue since I prefer protection over discretion when sleeping. I won’t recommend this diaper for daytime use unless you are in a situation you can’t change a wet diaper for a very long time which is not healthy for the skin.

  7. all day long

    all day long 5 Unknown 9th Apr 2015

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Apr 2015

    These diapers with a booster pad are amazing, the amount of fluid it holds is so good I can put one on in the morning and do not have to change until I am ready to go to bed.

  8. Excellent product

    Excellent product 5 Unknown 31st Mar 2015

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Mar 2015

    Very comfortable and highly absorbent. quieter than I expected and if worn with some sort of stretch pant or spandex short reasonably discreet. will definitely buy again

  9. You will not find better....

    You will not find better.... 5 Charlie 12th Mar 2015

    Posted by Charlie on 12th Mar 2015

    These diapers are without a doubt the very very best quality diaper available today. The outer plastic is thick but still smoother than any other. despite not being the bulkiest product available it knows no limit to the amount of liquid it can hold without leaks.

    The Fit is perfect for me. I am Ex military and I am a big guy with a 36" waist and 6'2" the medium are a perfect and discreet fit.

    I have a neurogenic bladder due to spine injury and tend to release 1l of urine in one go according to urodynamics. This product can easily and comfortably deal with two wettings.

    I can not recommend this diaper enough to everyone out there.

  10. good quality

    good quality 4 Unknown 26th Jan 2015

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2015

    This is a good product very absorbent however the tapes are hit and miss

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