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The Day Light provides optimal light therapy and is clinically proven to treat Mood swings, Jet Lag / Shift Work Adjustment, Circadian Sleep Disorders, SAD and the Winter Blues, PMS and Antepartum Blues, Non-seasonal Depression as well as reduce food cravings, especially for carbohydrates.

Ideal for use at the home or office, the Day Light makes a great reading lamp or ambient lighting and is UV filtered and safe, flicker free, glare free and features 2 light settings. 

Other Features: 

Two Light Settings

The two-light setting provides 10,000 LUX, while the one-light setting provides convenient task lighting.

BrightZone Technology

Engineered and tested to provide the field of illumination and 10,000 LUX experts recommend for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Compact Light Enclosure

The Day-Light Sky light enclosure is 33% smaller than the Day-Light Classic while mainlining the same field of illumination, adding versatility for the user.

Contemporary, Discreet & Multipurpose

The Day-Light Sky is designed for discreet use in the home or the office, providing bright light therapy and everyday task lighting in one attractive package.


The white diffusing lens eliminates glare and evenly distributes the light. Two 55-watt light tubes emit a warm light and minimize potentially harmful blue rays.

UV Filtered & Safe

Hi-impact polycarbonate lens filters 99.3% of harmful UV rays.

Height Adjustable Arm

The height adjustable arm allows the light to be positioned at the appropriate height and angle for the user. This is the optimal light positioning recommended by light therapy experts.


Manufactured with high efficiency, electronic ballasts, the Day-Light Sky eliminates the annoying flicker experienced with ordinary fluorescent fixtures.


UL & C-UL Listed

Enclosure Size -

 13.69" x 10.38" x 2.75"
(26.2 cm x 35.2 cm x 7.2 cm)

Height on Legs - Max: 27.25" (69.2 cm), Mid: 26.25" (66.6cm),
Min: 25" (63.5cm)

Weight of Light – 8.2 lbs (3.7 kg)

Electronic Ballasts - Instant on, no flicker

Lens Material - High-impact polycarbonate

UV Diffusing Filter - 99.3% UV filter

Two-Way Switch:

   2 light setting: 10,000 lux

   1 light setting: 5,000 lux

Compact fluorescent - 2 x 55 watt compact fluorescent

4,000 Kelvin color temperature

Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

Day-light Sky Benefits:

  • Smaller footprint than the Day-Light Classic with a 33% smaller light head
  • Versatile design - therapy and task light in one
  • Contemporary, discreet and attractive desk-lamp style for home or office
  • Meets expert guidelines for bright light therapy systems
  • Features BrightZoneTM Technology - Engineered and tested to provide the field of illumination and 10,000 LUX experts recommend for maximum therapeutic benefit.


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About DayLight and UPLift



Uplift Technologies Inc. based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and manufactures two distinctive product lines under several brands. Specialty assistive seating products that enhance the quality of life for those who have mobility restrictions due to a variety of health conditions; and bright light therapy systems for those who are seasonally daylight deprived or require regulation of their sleeping cycles due to frequent travel or shift work.

Their Home Medical Equipment line is produced under the brand name Uplift, while the Upeasy brand is designed to meet the needs of our retail and consumer markets. Day-Light is one of the leading Bright Light Therapy systems available that meets the strict guidelines necessary for effective light therapy treatment.

Product Reviews

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  1. Treats my winter blues!

    Treats my winter blues! 5 Samantha Douglas 8th Nov 2013

    Posted by Samantha Douglas on 8th Nov 2013

    Treats my winter blues! During the winter season, I would feel down due to the lack of sunlight and the short daylight hours. With this light, it feels to me that it is summer. It also helps cure my mood swings. This is an excellent light if you are experiencing symptoms like me. This light is emits like its natural sunlight.

  2. Bonus: excellent task lighting and multiple angles

    Bonus: excellent task lighting and multiple angles 5 Jane 2nd Dec 2010

    Posted by Jane on 2nd Dec 2010

    I really struggled about which light to buy -- there are so many! Then there is the argument of going with blue light or white. The blue light ones certainly were more affordable and that was a real draw, but I read that they really were not the best solution for SAD. To add to the mix of worrying about spending a lot of money on a lamp and ending up with the wrong one is the issue of how practical it will be to incorporate into my life so I could actually stay committed to using it.

    This lamp does not look like a medical instrument or scream "I'm a light box!". It looked like it would fit discretely into any setting, so for aesthetics, I kept being drawn to this one. Even so, what's the benefit of it looking good if it's the wrong lamp in the end -- I could spend less and get nicer looking desk lamps. So I spent a couple of weeks Googling and reading and not deciding until I found enough on this particular lamp that was all positive, that confirmed it met all of the criteria for SAD and that it was also a practical lamp to have, period. I bought it with the thought that it would probably look rather cheap in real life, but even so it would give me more bang for my buck than all the others if it worked for SAD and could be a task light too.

    The lamp looks and feels very solid, not cheap at all. The base has a weighted area that makes it very stable and the fit and finish is first rate. The nicest surprise was how much more adjustable it is than what I was able to clean from pictures and reading up on it. The head and arm can lock into many different angles which adds to the everyday usability of the lamp. There is large chrome push button on the side of the arm and the head which you push for movement, when you let go it is locked into place. The buttons are a practical size and my arthritic hands have no problem. There is a toggle switch at the front of the upright base which lets you chose the therapeutic light level or the task light strength. The task light is terrific! I am using it right now and love the even clean white light it gives. There is no glare, no harshness and no flicker.

    I am happy I went with this lamp. I feel 100% confident I made the best choice. I'm going to get another one for my husbands office.

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