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DR-HO'S Pain Therapy Systemis the latest innovation to help relieve muscle tension and pain in just 20 minutes. It is a professional device used by Chiropractors and Physiotherapist. It was developed by Dr. Michael Ho, a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, at his Pain and Headache Clinic in Toronto, Canada for his patients. 

Studies conducted by Dr. Stuart M. McGill, PhD. and commissioned by Dr. Michael Ho found that DR-HO’S device can

(1) significantly relieve pain;

(2) significantly reduce muscle tension and spasms;

(3) increase tissue oxygenation; and

(4) increase circulation. See Scientific Study for more information.

DR-HO’S Dual Muscle Therapy System is a digital massage system programmed to provide the 12 best soothing massage techniques that are proven to help relieve pain and tension in as little as 20 minutes. DR-HO’SNEW Dual Muscle Therapy System is equipped with dual (2) ports to power four (4) adhesive gel pads at the same time. Now you can treat different body areas at one time or you can share a soothing relaxation massage with another person at the same time. It's like doubling your pleasure and relief in half the time.

DR-HO’SPain Therapy System is small enough to put inside your shirt pocket, but powerful enough to provide fast relief to tense muscles that are deep and chronically tight. Use it at home, at work, while traveling, before and after any physical activity or sports events. For chronic and severe conditions, you can use DR-HO'SPain Therapy System several times per day to help speed up maximum recovery. There's no worry about over using DR-HO'Sbecause there are no drugs or chemicals involved. You don't have to worry about any chemical side effects.

The system comes with a full instructional DVD and quick reference guide that demonstrates proper placement of the massage pads, body positioning and corrective exercises for over 20 different body areas. It’s like having Dr. Michael Ho doing a house call for you and your family anytime you want. Now the benefits of professional massage therapy and physiotherapy can be found in DR-HO’Spocket-sized system!

You have to try DR-HO’SPain Therapy Systemto experience how soothing it feels and how well you will function afterwards.



Included in Dr. Ho’s Dual Muscle Therapy System



Two (2) Extra Large Flex Tone Pads These extra large Flex Tone pads are 6 times larger than the regular comfort pads, and are designed to provide extra fast relief for lower back pain, hip pain, sciatica, tension in the shoulders, leg pain and knee pain. They cover a larger area and provide more penetrating and more soothing power for troubled spots. The extra deep relaxation effects will feel great on any large muscle areas and will deliver instant relief for any muscle tension, numbness and pain.



Two (2) Electrode Wire Sets These advanced self adhesive gel pads are water activated and do not require any messy gel or belts to attach them to your skin. Because of their high conductivity, they feel very comfortable and you will not have to worry about any burning sensations. The gel pads are re-usable, easy to use and completely allergy free. Depending on the frequency of use, they will last between one (1) to three (3) months depending on frequency of usage. Additional replacements are available anytime.



Two (2) Pairs of Small Massage Pads

 These regular sized comfort pads are great for relieving migraine headaches, tension headaches, neck pain, upper limb repetitive strain injuries, TMJ (jaw) pain and other facial problems. They are sized to accurately target spots that are the cause of pain or tension.



Clip-On Carrying Case These two carrying cases allow you to use DR-HO'S Dual Muscle Therapy System during work, travel or play.




Instructional DVD by Dr. Michael Ho Make sure you watch this very detailed instructional DVD by Dr. Michael Ho. He will teach you and your family how to get quick relief for over 20 common painful conditions. Dr. Ho will show you where to place the massage pads, and how to position your body for fast pain relief.



Owner's Manual DR-HO'S Dual Muscle Therapy System is very easy to use. The owner's manual will show you how to get the best results. There is also a video index guide at the back of the manual with reference to treatments for over 20 different painful conditions.



DR-HO'S Fast Pain Relief GuideDon't worry about not knowing where to place the pads for your condition. With this special full color brochure, Dr. Michael Ho will show you and your family exactly where to place the massage pads and how to position your body during the massage for best results. The pad placement recommendations are based on years of clinical experience and are proven to be highly effective for over 20 common painful conditions.




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4 Reviews

  • 4
    Easy to use, but...

    Posted by Nadiya Yakymova on 23rd Aug 2022

    The on and off switch is easily accessible which is a problem because this can accidentally increase the strength of pulsation. This switch should be covered with some barrier to avoid swift rotation of a switch

  • 5
    Worth every penny!

    Posted by Ben on 8th Nov 2013

    It really is worth purchasing! I use it everyday for 20 minutes before bed, and it relaxes my sore and stiff muscles, which gives me a good night’s sleep. I do not have take an pain killers to give me relief from pain. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially if you suffer from muscle pain or have arthritis.

  • 5
    Much needed

    Posted by Geoff Franklin on 22nd Jan 2012

    I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for a long time, mainly due to stress. I have put up with it for a long time and since I knew it was stress related I didnt think there was anything I could do. I got this for Christmas from my son, and let me tell what a world of difference it has done. I use everyday since I got it and after 15 to 20 minutes, all tension feels gone. I would recommend this product to anyone. I made my son try it and he ended up buying one for himself! Thanks

  • 4
    Very Good

    Posted by Bernard Parent on 21st Oct 2011

    I bought this product for my wife. She was in pain for almost 6 months. She tried this product and found the difference in just one use! My friend also tried this product and was happy with it. I ordered the product for him too.

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