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More stock expected to arrive towards the end of December.

New & Improved medical grade extra strong tapes with new December shipment!

If you or a family member want to find incontinence briefs that let you go about your daily routine and nightly rest in fully-protected comfort, Forsite’s AM/PM Maximum Absorbency Adult Briefs provide a high-quality choice that won’t let you down. Expect incredible comfort and absorbency in these high-quality adult disposable briefs that boast soft-standing leak guards, wetness indicator, odor protection, high-grade USA fluff core, a comfy elastic waistband, and the amazing absorbency of over 5000ml.  

  • Maximum absorbency brief for moderate to heavy incontinence, whether it’s during your daily errands or your nightly rest.
  • Long-lasting & money-saving: these plastic-backed pull up briefs last for two to three changes each day, even for heavy incontinence users. That means you use fewer diaper briefs and you save more money.
  • Super comfortable and easy to adjust: these disposable briefs with an anatomical design feel great against your skin and feature strong, easily adjustable tapes with a frontal tape landing zone so you can fasten and refasten as needed.
  • Snug and firm fit: four tapes featured on the AM/PM Forsite Briefs ensures an excellent fit with the flexibility of refastening, which is ideal for active users.
  • Wetness indicator: there’s a fast-acting colour change system on the outside of these protective briefs to help show you or a caregiver when it’s ready to be changed. 
  • Stay feeling dry and protected: you’ll love the fast-drying high grade fluff core, soft standing leak guards/cuffs for extra peace of mind. There’s also an overlap of 3” on each side for added protection.
  • Elastic stretch waistband on front and back of these control briefs, so they feel great even on active users.
  • Latex free, for sensitive skin
  • The fit of these briefs is very close to the fit of Comficare briefs.
  • All cases ship in discreet plain brown box packaging.

Sizing Chart:

SKU# Size Absorbency Quantity



Medium 27"-39.5" 4615ml

Bag of 12

36/case (3 bags)



Large 39.5"-59" 5100ml

Bag of 10

30/case (3 bags)

Not returnable due to hygiene reasons.


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  1. tapes

    tapes 5 Unknown 5th Mar 2018

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Mar 2018

    Well this brief perform very good. My only request would be too make the resealable tapes longer. I wear the mediums which fits me fine.

  2. Love these

    Love these 5 Sheldon Monteith 26th Feb 2018

    Posted by Sheldon Monteith on 26th Feb 2018

    (Review taken from AgeComfort Facebook page posted Wednesday Feb 21st 2018)
    Love the adult diapers you guys have to call your own. My wife and I use the forsite am/pm. I am pleased with the bulk, absorbency, and general fit. I’ll admit that I am a diaper lover but these are more to me than that. These are the best product I have ever tried. Proud to have you guys as one of my suppliers.

  3. Not the same

    Not the same 3 Adrian Merrill 22nd Feb 2018

    Posted by Adrian Merrill on 22nd Feb 2018

    This used to be a fantastic diaper; however, it appears we've been a victim of the old bait & switch: start out with a really great product, then slowly degrade quality for profit over time (Kingston did this with their SSD drives, remember?)
    The SAP has changed because this diaper doesn't swell like it used to; and from my experiences using this diaper since it was first released, it's also not as absorbent as it once was (I wear diapers 24/7 -- you can't prove me wrong on this).
    I appreciate that the big fat "Forsite Health" banner on the front of the diaper is gone; but I do not appreciate being unable to fully rely on this diaper to meet my needs as it once did.
    I'll stick to using a diaper that hasn't changed in quality/absorbency or performance in 10+ years: Abena Abri-Form L4.

  4. Comfort

    Comfort 5 Dustin Birley 9th Nov 2017

    Posted by Dustin Birley on 9th Nov 2017

    Wow. This is a fantastic Diaper. First time using was comfortable. Perfect for people who live with Incontinence. Might be a bit bulky but the protection is top quality. Best diaper I have bought

  5. Thickest and most comfortable

    Thickest and most comfortable 5 15th Oct 2017

    Posted by on 15th Oct 2017

    This is easily the best diaper for me on the market. They are the thickest and most absorbant and weird enough the absolutely most comfortable. They are comfortable Around the legs, the waist and all over it was supprisingly soft. The absorbency is hilarious. I never reach the capacity of these before I need to change out. Thanks forsite. Your diapers rock.

  6. Undecided now. >_>

    Undecided now. >_> 3 JRT 7th Oct 2017

    Posted by JRT on 7th Oct 2017

    These were easily my "go to" diaper in the original form, I wasn't really bothered by the logo and absolutely loved the landing zone marks for easy repeated tape placement.
    Not liking the reports of the changed landing zone having tape sticking issues as the old ones were bulletproof in this regard. I'm guessing with the removal of the logo that all the landing zone marks were also removed, kind of dismayed at that too. >_<
    Add in the higher price point compared to Better Dry at $2.10 each for a case of L and $2.20 For Rearz inspire and I'm sad to say I'm having a real hard time ordering more of these to even try the new front panel.

  7. Unexpectedly Comfortable

    Unexpectedly Comfortable 5 Nick S 18th Aug 2017

    Posted by Nick S on 18th Aug 2017

    When I first tried these I wasn't sure about how I would deal with the thickness. I bought them as a night product originally but lack of supply forced me to use them during the day once. I found them so incredibly comfortable and effective that I wear them anytime I need extra protection. My only issue is the bottom tapes come undone quite often so I have to use extra tape. Please fix this.

  8. Amazing Diaper

    Amazing Diaper 5 David Preston 12th Aug 2017

    Posted by David Preston on 12th Aug 2017

    I love the Forsite adult diaper- they have an impressive capacity, and I feel comfortable knowing I can be leak free on the go or while sleeping. They are on the thick side, little noisy maybe- but most pairs of pants hide them fine. I didn' t mind the logo so much, but I also enjoy the plain white look. I hope you keep making the Forsite AMPM for some time to come. Thanks

  9. Still Excellent But 1 Issue

    Still Excellent But 1 Issue 4 Phaelan 11th Aug 2017

    Posted by Phaelan on 11th Aug 2017

    long time ago I wrote a review on this product, so this would be my 2nd such review.
    Again as far as absorbency goes I have not found anything better, liquid is quickly absorded and locked into the core of the diaper giving cause for secure knowlege you dont have to oftenly worry about the dreaded leak and wet ,arks that can cause a massive increase in laundry and the additional cost of cleaning things suck as your furniture. These are much thicker than any store brand you can buy, so many people say they are too noisy to wear outside the home, well true they are noisy but if you put a pair of general underwaer on and a half decent pair of loose fitting pants (or shorts pending time of year) I have found the noise is nearly non-exsistent. I have done this serveral times where it was required that I had to use this product during the day instead of just the night do to illness of something. I got no stairs or points at me.
    But there is one outstanding issue with the tapes, the origanle product the tapes held strong and were strong themselves, but I have noticed like others since the change in appearacne on the tape landing zone, the leg tapes (lower tapes) will eventually loose there grip. this needs to be looked at so those bottom tapes are strong again. I have come with a temperarry fix that works most of the time, when fastening lower tapes, place them about half way up, first then take the upper and pull over on a downward angle so 90% of the lower tape is covered, and fasten securely, making sure you rub the tapes with your thumb and fore-finger hard against the tape. if done right the lower tape will be grabbed by the upper tape helping strengthen up the hold. the only other solution is to buy some 3m Duct-tape and use it, but that defeats the purpose of the tapes on the diaper.
    Here is hoping that Foresight listens and fixes the tape issues. Good Luck everyone, and Have a great summer.

  10. great diaper

    great diaper 5 ryan sauder 10th Aug 2017

    Posted by ryan sauder on 10th Aug 2017

    Premium diaper for sure. Do like how they took the massive logo off the front. Would of been fine with a smaller or a couple small ones but this works!

    Really hands down one of the best diapers I have used. More realistic for home or night use as they are think but I prefer a thick diaper that works then a useless thin one trying to prentend it is not a diaper. Calling them briefs is a pet peeve perhaps the underwear style but that's another story... (I digress)

    Rise is not super high yea but other diapers that it is is usually just more plastic for the rise not more padding so what is really the point especially when you are bit of a heavier guy the higher rise does not fit over your tummy good anyways.

    These are comparable to the rearz inspire + in control diaper or rearz safari diaper which the safari is much more expensive although the in control diaper I guess is just slightly more now that the big am pm $24.99 sale is over :( anyways you can get 5 hours with really heavy wetting. 8 hours with medium and 12 with very light wetting. Let's be honest your not getting 12 out of diapers unless you don't drink much fluids nore do I like To do to general moisture buildup. I mean you can push them to copacity eveytime but it depends if your sitting up or standing or laying down as you will get most laying down and the least sitting up but that's true for any diaper.

    Honestly I'm not an expert at to many things in my life but I think I have tried every premium diaper available Ron North America and some from Europe and germany and whoever made this diaper had to be be completely incontinent or a Heavy user because this a real diaper not some cloth underwear like or thin one use diapers.

    Hope you stay on the market am pm and also I hope you can hold your price point as I used to buy the abena x plus but find at the new price point I have a hard time paying the 2.45 a diaper where as the am pm I think it warrants the 2.69 a diaper but i hope it holds there for a good time to come.

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