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This full-length memory foam lumbar support cushion by Forsite Health offers the best in comfort, correct alignment and proper support for your entire back. It’s made with high grade memory foam that contours perfectly to your body and relieves pressure even when you sit for long periods. Add therapeutic relief and pleasure to your office chair, car seat, or wheelchair today.

  • Soft memory foam pillow attaches easily to just about any chair with its elastic band.
  • Back, tailbone, and leg support: this back support pillow is a dream for anyone looking to lessen pressure and strain on their body and back in particular.
  • Simple to keep clean, with a removable and washable velour cover and high grade memory foam for longer lasting and more comfortable back support than other back pillows offer.
  • High grade memory foam in this lumbar pillow for chair is more durable, longer lasting and extra comfortable.
  • Lightweight and portable, take it from home to car to office. Itmeasures 21.25”x 16.5” x 3.5”
  • One year warranty


Good quality memory foam products typically have an odor out of the box. This odor will go away with use and is a natural occurring distinction of memory foam.

Not returnable due to hygiene reasons.

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  1. Messy Cover

    Messy Cover 3 Unknown 21st Jul 2016

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jul 2016

    Although the actual support is comfortable and does the job. The cover that is provided is very messy. I bought it as a back support for my car seat and found that I had blue flufflies everywhere, including on my car seat and on my sweaters. I had to put a pillow case over the back support to avoid getting blue fluff everywhere. I would not buy anymore of these products using this type of cover...

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