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 Do you or someone you know have difficulties getting in or out of the car? Here is the great solution Handybar!


The average North American gets in and out his or her car 4 times each day. If you are one of the 35 million over age 65, 60 million suffering from chronic arthritis or temporary injury, or the annual four million pregnant women, a hand to help you in or out of the car may be critical. A new product called Handybar® provides that critical security to anyone getting in and out of today’s lower cars and higher SUV’s."

  • A simple and reliable mobility aid
  • Assists the elderly, pregnant women and infirm getting and out of vehicles
  • Convenient size and weight
  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • For persons weighing up to 350 pounds
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Recommended by Doctors and Healthcare Professionals
  • Hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from thankful users
  • Contains two additional safety features, a seat belt cutter and window breaker for emergency situations.




  • Promotes independence and ability to get around
  • Builds confidence and maintains personal dignity
  • Reduces injuries due to slips and falls
  • Ideal for people with back or leg problems…or other physical challenges
  • Great for people recovering from hip or knee surgery


How to use it?


HB-Howtouse1-s.jpg  HB-Howtouse2-s.jpg   HB-Howtouse3-s.jpg

1. Locate the u-shaped striker on the door frame

2. Insert Handybar firmly into the striker

3. Use as support

handybar_inuse_1.jpg   handybar_inuse_2.jpg   handybar_inuse_3.jpg




Handybar can also be used as side window breaker to break your car window and a seatbelt cutter during emergency situation.

HB-breaker-s.jpg  HB-cutter-s.jpg


Watch the Handybar Video



Some vehicles from North America made in the late 80's and early 90's have a different striker plate. Before purchasing,  confirm that the striker plate of your vehicle matches the one shown above. 

Handybar compatible vehicle list:



Acura: fits all

Daewoo: fits all

Honda: fits all

Hyundai: '96 and newer

Izuzu: fits all

Infiniti: fits all

Kia: fits all

Lexus: fits all

Mazda: fits all

Mitsubishi: fits all

Nissan: fits all

Subaru: fits all

Suzuki: fits all

Toyota: fits all




Buick: most '95 and newer

Cadillac: '93 and newer

Chrysler: '93 and newer

Chevrolet: '96 and newer

Dodge: '94 and newer

Eagle: most '91 and newer

Ford: most '87 and newer

Geo: '96 and newer

Oldsmobile: '94 and newer

Plymouth: '93 and newer

Pontiac: '93 and newer

Saturn: fits all




 BMW: 3 Series and newer

Saab: '98 and newer

Volkswagen: '98 and newer


Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent item

    Excellent item 5 Megan J Ashbourn 12th Jul 2019

    Posted by Megan J Ashbourn on 12th Jul 2019

    This item has given me renewed independence. My husband has a GMC pickup and this item is a

  2. great invention and ... inexpensive!

    great invention and ... inexpensive! 5 Jefferson Lances 28th May 2010

    Posted by Jefferson Lances on 28th May 2010

    I especially like to use this "3 in 1" for my elderly relatives who need that little bit of leverage to lift themselves up and onto the car seat.

    The price of the handybar makes this affordable to all, even those on fixed income. After all, safety is extremely important. Thanks for offering this.

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