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MoliCare® Super Plus brief an all-in-one taped continence pad for severe urinary or faecal incontinence. The extra thick absorbent pad ensures rapid absorption and the ultimate in security. MoliCare Super Plus is ideal for overnight use. These Molicare adult diapers are among the best selling briefs in Canada. 

  • The incontinence management solution for extreme cases
  • Reliable design from medical experts
  • Designed for rapid absorption
  • Contoured for comfort
  • Comfort-stretch poly backing
  • All-in-one convenience

Absorbency: Severe Incontinence

Sizing Chart:

SKU # Size Absorbency Quantity



Small, 20"-31" 2900ml


56/case (4 bags)



Medium, 27"-47" 3200ml


56/case (4 bags)



Large, 39"-59" 3500ml


56/case (4 bags)

This product is non-returnable due to hygiene reasons.

Colour May Vary As Molicare changes over to Blue Colour 

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  1. one of the best

    one of the best 5 DL 22nd Sep 2015

    Posted by DL on 22nd Sep 2015

    I loved Molicare Super Plus because they are super comfy and the outside backing is very thick. They are very bulky and I love the lavender color that they have. However, I have experienced leaks with those and I would suggest buying Tranquility ATN or (if the price does not bother you) Abena AbriForm diapers.

  2. Amazing!!

    Amazing!! 5 Frankie 2nd Sep 2015

    Posted by Frankie on 2nd Sep 2015

    I have really been wearing some great diapers especially the Abena M4 but I thought I would give Molicare which is half the price a try. So I did and I have nothing bad to say, yes it plastic so it makes noise but I'm ok with that I understand it's a diaper and a very comfortable at that. Great fitting under clothes and it feels amazing. When wet it just hugs your body and feels like it just belongs there maybe I have the perfect shape but I think this diaper is much better than Abena.

    It can handle a very good wetting and even mess together. I'm 33yo and happy to be confident that my diaper is true quality with the right price.

  3. Reliable, comfortable

    Reliable, comfortable 4 Adrian Merrill 10th Aug 2015

    Posted by Adrian Merrill on 10th Aug 2015

    I've been using Abena's Abri-Form M4 since they were the XPlus (circa 2007). I have never been disappointed.
    At 5'9, 180 with 36" waist, the fit on the MEDIUMS could be better (I can wear a medium in the Dry 24/7, but not these).
    I find it ironic that the Abri-Let Maxi booster pad hardly fits in this diaper - its crotch is narrower than the Dry 24/7 and Comfi Care); but that's a moot point.
    The tapes are A+; and the diaper is comfortable and thirsty.

  4. Comfortable

    Comfortable 4 Unknown 13th Jul 2015

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jul 2015

    The most comfortable plastic backed diaper I've worn so far. Also very absorbant although not the most absorbant of all. The plastic is strong and the tapes can be retaped once if you need to adjust the fit better or take off the diaper and then put it back on for any reason. The color is nice too.

  5. Good all around diaper

    Good all around diaper 5 Ken Wind 7th Mar 2015

    Posted by Ken Wind on 7th Mar 2015

    I found the fit to be better than the Abena M2 or M4. Absorption was comparable to the M4 and was less bulky. Downside is it is noisy due to the plastic back, but the plastic backing doesn't have the issue of press out leakage the way cloth material diapers do.

  6. good daytime diaper

    good daytime diaper 5 andrew b 4th Mar 2015

    Posted by andrew b on 4th Mar 2015

    I use these diapers during the day and I find them to be quite comfortable and absorbent and thay are not so notisable under my clothes

  7. Great overnight diaper

    Great overnight diaper 5 Unknown 17th Aug 2014

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Aug 2014

    These aren't as absorbent as the Abena M4s or any of the higher end diapers. That said, I've actually found the fit to be better than Abena and I tend to sleep a bit better when I'm wearing them. They also seem to wick up moisture faster. They're now my go-to diapers for week nights/shorter sleeps but I wouldn't recommend them for longer nights or times where you'd wet more than twice.

  8. Great, but not the best.

    Great, but not the best. 4 Mr. Incontinent 6th Sep 2013

    Posted by Mr. Incontinent on 6th Sep 2013

    I'm going to agree with everything said in the last post. The absorbency is fantastic, but the fit means that if you are a guy and on your back, the front doesn't stay tight enough to stop urine from flowing down the sides. They are however the quietest night time diapers, so if you need something discreet they are a great choice. The plastic doesn't breathe as well as the Abena M4 though so I wake up quite sweaty in these, but it isn't bad. A great diaper, just not the best one.

  9. Good, but not the best...

    Good, but not the best... 3 Adrian Merrill 6th May 2013

    Posted by Adrian Merrill on 6th May 2013

    I have to agree with the previous review (by Tim - 9 Nov 12). Although this diaper is comfortable, it is stiff and doesn't conform as well as others (pretty much every other diaper on the Canadian market). The crotch area is very wide and bulky (and stiff); and for as thick/bulky as this diaper is, I expected it to be on par (or at least close to) with Abena's Abri-Form X-Plus... but it's not. To be honest (and speaking from my own personal experiences), this is not an ideal diaper for overnight use -- if you're a heavy wetter such as myself, you will want to add a liner (the Abri-Let Maxi is more than sufficient!) if you would rather not wake up completely soaked.

    I find the purple/lavender colour a welcome change (having worn clinical white diapers since 1985, I'm more than happy about this). I'm sure not everyone will share my view on this matter. And even though this diaper isn't as absorbent as I often require, aesthetics are just as important as comfort when it comes to incontinence products.

    Overall, there are more comfortable, more absorbent diapers on the Canadian market. But as with any product, you should try it for yourself to see if it suits your needs. At 5'9", 175-180 lbs, 34" waist, I have found I get a better fit (and better overall coverage) from the size large, as I prefer better/extended coverage over a discreet fit.

    The service and staff at AgeComfort are, IMHO, among the best in this country.

    I do, however, very much resent the "adultbaby diapers" & "adultbaby pampers diapers" comments that have been posted. Having been diaper-dependent for almost 29 years, I am aware that there exists a certain "community" -- but is it really necessary, appropriate and/or fair for such comments to exist on this website? I wish to have no association with that type of behaviour/life-style choice. What ever happened to filtering content? </rant>

  10. Had better diaper

    Had better diaper 3 Tim 9th Nov 2012

    Posted by Tim on 9th Nov 2012

    I find the this diaper is made of a hard course absorbent material, seems stiff and doesn't conform to body well. poly outer is thin and cuts in around the leg. colour is oddly purple? cut wide in the crotch area so it is bulky in that area. Not my first or second choice. absorbency is only good thing I can say about this product

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