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This large pro scale from AMG Physio Logic is ideal for home or patient setting.

Features and specifications include

  • Large 7 in (17.8 cm) white dial face allows easy readability.
  • Features both metric and imperial measurements.
  • Colorful indicators allow tracking of up to 4 people's weight.
  • Large non-slip stepping surface for added stability.
  • Low profile design with heavy duty construction provide years of durability.
  • Simple to use and accurate, 300 lb (136 Kg) weight capacity.
  • Designed for health clinics, fitness facilities and home use.

Use and Care

  • Place your scale on flat surface
  • Adjust dial to zero before use
  • Stand still. Display will vary if you move.  
  • Accuracy is guaranteed as the tolerance limit below:
    0-65 Kg (0-143 lb): +/- 1.2 digits.
    65-136 Kg (143-300 lb): +/- 2 digits

Product Reviews

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    MEDICAL SCALE 5 ROBERT 19th Jan 2017

    Posted by ROBERT on 19th Jan 2017

    We are very pleased with the short delivery time, the quality etc.

  2. Product is acceptable.

    Product is acceptable. 3 ANDRE CHARRON 10th Jul 2016

    Posted by ANDRE CHARRON on 10th Jul 2016

    My initial complaint is that zeroing the unit demands some work and the platform could be a little larger for bigger feet.

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