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The self wipe has been a popular choice for years. When you consider the frequency of use and the universal desire for comfort and efficiency, the SelfWipe is the right product.

- People with arthritis can use the SelfWipe. The release button allows thumb use only, whereas other products involve hand and finger manipulation.

- SelfWipe never has to touch the water. The easy-to-use release button releases and drops the soiled tissue into the toilet.

- SelfWipe's attractive design makes the user feel better about using such a product.

- SelfWipe's unique "finger shaped" tip allows pressure to be applied in precise locations, which assures cleaner, more sanitary results.

- The SelfWipe includes a roller handle feature that allows the rolling of toilet tissue and complete use with one hand if needed.

Selfwipe is very easy to use and the tissue paper really stays put. You will experience improved hygiene because our superior design allows more accurate placement and pressure just where you need it.

INC1023_Self_Wipe_3.jpg   INC1023_Self_Wipe_4.jpg     INC1023_Self_Wipe_5.jpg


Operation Using Roller Handle

Our Selfwipe roller handle feature allows you to roll the tissue with finger dexterity impairment or arthritis. The rolling and application to the SelfWipe can also be learned with one hand, with a bit of practice.




This product is non-returnable due to hygiene reasons.



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  1. Useful

    Useful 4 George from Etobicoke 9th Dec 2012

    Posted by George from Etobicoke on 9th Dec 2012

    Not sure how I got along without this before. Not much else to say but it works and I am happy.

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