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Simcan VitaLegs for work & travel offer light support therapy to help relieve tired & aching legs. It gives a compression of 8-15mmHg.

Our vascular circulation system can become compromised during prolonged periods of inactivity. Sitting behind a desk, extended flying and car travel or long periods of standing in a stationary position can lead to our legs becoming cramped and achy. Compression socks help relieve these symptoms by providing support to the lower leg and help in restoring the legs natural circulation.

The low compression rating coupled with an entirely flat toe seam and the soft supple feel provides a heightened level of comfort not normally found in compression stockings.


Sag Resistant - Maximum resistance to slipping on the ankle

Luxurious feel - Soft and luxurious to the touch

Low Profile Seam - Helps eliminate irritation at the toes

No Bind Top - Will not bind or restrict circulation on most legs

Light compression - Light support helps relieve tired and aching legs



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  1. Very satisfied

    Very satisfied 5 Nelson 9th Mar 2017

    Posted by Nelson on 9th Mar 2017

    Bought one pair of these socks to try and was so pleased that I bought six more pair. The socks do all that they claim and at the end of a long day my legs and feet feel good. I highly recommend these socks to people seeking relief and comfort from a compression sock.

  2. Good value alternatives

    Good value alternatives 4 Monsieur Rioux 11th Feb 2017

    Posted by Monsieur Rioux on 11th Feb 2017

    I usually wear socks with a compression two levels up but I actually found these work well enough. Just an inch too long even though they are the same size as socks from different suppliers.

  3. Socks

    Socks 1 David 6th Feb 2017

    Posted by David on 6th Feb 2017

    Don't buy these if you are a bigger person with large calfs. They claim they will fit but they sure don't

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