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Fully breathable one piece belted brief style promotes less heat build-up against the skin, to help promote overall skin health for those with moderate to heavy incontinence.

A design breakthrough for wearers and caregivers. Easier and quicker to change than traditional products, TENA Flex is highly rated by caregivers of individuals who are bedridden, require assistance or have sensitive skin. This unique belted brief is designed to minimize the need for lifting and has been proven to reduce the risk of back strain on caregivers to make changing less intrusive for the wearer.

Wearers also appreciate the thin discreet design with InstaDri Skin-Caring System technology for outstanding dryness; the 100% breathable Air-Dry Layer backsheet that lets air circulate to prevent dampness on the skin and improve user comfort; the shape that leaves the hips and thighs uncovered, preventing chafing or sweatiness; and odour control for total freshness.

GUIDE: Colour of stripe indicates size and the number of drops indicates absorbency level.

Features and Benefits:

  • EXTRA WIDE COMFISTRETCH BELT New gray colour is more clothing-like for greater comfort & dignity. Conforms to the body's natural contours and movements ensuring a snug, more comfortable, body-close fit. Soft, airy, non-irritating belt material has hook and loop fastening.  Extra wide belt and center hook minimize product rollover to maximize wearer comfort.
  • FLEXIBLE ELASTIC BANDS Added on the belt for increased ease of movement against the body.
  • INSTADRI SKIN-CARING SYSTEM™  Improves surface dryness, promoting healthier skin.
  • ABSORBENT CORE Thin for better fit, comfort and discretion. Wide in the back for increased coverage.
  • ALL AROUND AIR CIRCULATION SKIN-CARING BACKCOVER Combines skin-friendly textile covering and breathable Air Dry Layer™ which allows liquid and odours to stay in while allowing water vapor to escape. Imprinted with visual application instructions to make it easier for the staff to apply the product.




Size 8, 24"-34"


90/case (3 bags)



This product is non-returnable due to hygiene reasons.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great product

    Great product 5 Unknown 23rd Feb 2015

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Feb 2015

    I purchased these for my 10 year old son who requires full care. They are easy to put on him and they are great on his skin. The open thighs allow much more comfort and they are very absorbent. He is wearing a size 8 so he has much room for growth.

  2. Comfortable, Discreet

    Comfortable, Discreet 4 Adrian Merrill 17th Jun 2013

    Posted by Adrian Merrill on 17th Jun 2013

    The product I'm reviewing is older (I had 3 or 4 cases that were packed 28/bag, 3 bags/case) in storage from April 2006 until earlier this year [2012]). As such, I'm willing to bet the version of the Flex-I-Fit "Super" I'm currently using are more absorbent than what is currently on the market (just about every "incontinence product" manufacturer gradually decreases their product's absorbency, while maintaining the same end-cost to consumers -- "increase profit, decrease cost"). Anyway, on with my review!

    If, like me, you're (very) active (and young) but still need "absorbent incontinence protection" due to a bladder control problem, then I highly recommend the Flex-I-Fit. It's far more discreet than a traditional incontinence diaper, and is also much cooler during summer months. For years, I used/wore the Flex-I-Fit "Super" during the day, and the "Maxi" mostly at night (since it was/is much too bulky and heavy when wet for normal active movement).

    I've had incontinence issues since 1985, and one thing I've learned is, you'll never use just one product/brand. Each product will fit differently, levels of absorbency vary, and regardless of how active you are, you still need a balance between comfort and reliability. As such, I now alternate between traditional incontinence diapers (Abena X-Plus/L4) and Tena's Flex-I-Fit.

    At 5'9", 180 lbs (34" waist), I fit comfortably into the size "12" (but again, the product I'm reviewing is from 2006). And while I would NEVER, EVER recommend (or use) Tena's "briefs" (once they went retail, the brief became on par with other retail incontinence products: a.k.a. garbage), I will -- and do -- recommend the Flex-I-Fit.

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