Audrey Miller, MSW, RSW, CCLCP
Elder Care Expert


Audrey Miller, MSW, RSW, CCLCP is the founder and Managing Director of Elder Caring Inc. She has spent the last 30 years working with differently-abled, older individuals and their families, focusing on rehabilitation issues to improve function at home, in the community and at the work place. Ms. Miller is based in the Greater Toronto Area and serves and helps families all across Canada. Ms. Miller is one of the most well known and respected individuals in her field of work here in Canada.

Elder Caring Inc was created to meet a growing need in the community for a coordinated, professional and interdisciplinary approach to service delivery with a focus on the health and well-being of the older person and their family. Ms. Miller has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work and is registered in the province of Ontario. Ms. Miller is a Geriatric Care Manager and is a Canadian Certified Life Care Planner.

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The Role Played by the Family Caregiver

The family caregiver plays a key role in supporting the very fabric of Canadian society. The most recent Census data tells us that 28% of all Canadians provide unpaid care to a family member or friend...

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Legal Capacity, Decision Making & Guardianship

Legal Capacity, Decision Making & Guardianship

The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) has undertaken a project to examine and review Ontario’s laws related to legal capacity, decision –making and guardianship. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending one of their focus groups. Spokespersons from various groups were there representing those with autism, mental health issues and the hearing impaired, to name a few.

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Employed Caregivers: When Work & Caregiving Collide

Caregiving and Work is not a new issue. Caregivers have been juggling work and care for some time. This has been a common refrain from those who consider themselves part of the Sandwich Generation.

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Caregivers: Income Tax Time

We all know about double decker sandwiches and being part of the sandwich generation. Caring for parents can be costly, emotionally, physically and financially. The government has made various forms of assistance available to caregivers. Line 315- Caregiver amount: ‘If, at any time in 2014, you (either alone or with another person) maintained a dwelling where you and one or more of your dependents lived, you may be able to claim a maximum amount of $4,530 ($6,588 if he or she is eligible for the family caregiver amount for each dependent).

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A Different Type of Retirement Community

As a boomer, I have spent much time talking with my (women) friends about what we want for ourselves in a ‘retirement’ community. I am not sure that ‘retirement’ is the right word. I don’t plan on stopping work- any time soon. Until our (adult) children are launched, it is difficult to imagine picking up and moving elsewhere. I have always imagined being close to a water source- to hear the soothing sounds; I have imagined being close to a golf course- to know how a good shot feels ( and not hear the ball going into the water); I have imagined living close to friends- to enjoy time together; and I have imagined living close to a town with good restaurants, interesting stores and a choice for wine and coffee spots.

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The End of Life-Discussion

For most people in the developed world, conversations about such topics (as death) never take place. Young people remark in passing that they would rather be dead than go into a nursing home; that they do not want to die in hospital; that they do not want a drawn-out, agonising end. The closer that end is, the less it is talked about. The result is that hard choices are made without an understanding of their consequences.

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