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Barry Lebow

Starting in 1968, Barry Lebow has evolved into one of Canada’s most recognized real estate professionals. His articles circulate across Canada and around the world. As a popular guest speaker and instructor he has appeared before real estate and legal audiences across Canada, the United States, Mexico and other countries.

Barry is one of the most versatile of all real estate professionals, given his demonstrated experience in areas including real estate evaluation, brokerage, construction and renovation, mediation, arbitration, mortgage brokerage and of course, his passion – education. This extensive background has qualified him as an expert witness in over 500 court proceedings plus hearings and arbitrations.

Barry Lebow has earned 16 recognized real estate He has served as chair, president, or sat on the national boards of various professional associations. He was a former national director of the REIC and on the Toronto Chapter Board. In 2008 he founded the Society of Senior Agents, launched the Accredited Senior Agent designation program for Realtors which now has 1,700 members. Barry now serves as advisor to their Board.

Barry is also a dedicated community leader who has continually been active raising money or volunteering for various charities or community groups. He is on the advisory board of two highrise, not for profit buildings in Toronto.

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Downsizing? No, Think of It as “Right-Sizing!”

Time to downsize? You're not alone. This year, thousands of Canadians will make the move from the family home, citing reasons such as retirement, an empty nest, loss of a partner or simply the need to cut expenses. But this won't be our parents' downsizing. Today's older adults are younger - the average retirement age is now 62 - and they're looking to right-size rather than downsize...

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Our Seniors Real Estate Expert named Top 10 by Remax

AgeComfort.Org’s experts don’t only care with passion but create examples. We are excited to announce that Barry Lebow,’s Senior Real Estate Expert was named Top 10 in Sales by Remax.

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I am going through a separation and am under financial constraint. Kindly advice if renting or buying an accomodation would be suitable for me.

Question: Hi Barry, from reading your bio and article, I see that you specialize in real estate, and have been involved in divorce situations according to your article titled, “Divorce among Baby Boomers and Seniors.” I am going through a separation under mutual understanding. My two kids will be coming along with me, who are 16 and 18 years of age, with one going to university away from home. I wanted to know the type of housing I should look into. I am under a financial constraint, and I am debating if I should go into a rental apartment or buy …….

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Seller Beware When Selling Family Valuables

‘Seller Beware?’ Did I get that wrong? Isn’t the usual phrase ‘Buyer Beware’, referring to pitfalls facing buyers of big-ticket purchases, like a house or car? Yes, of course. But when it comes to selling family heirlooms, paintings, even gold jewellery, it’s the sellers, not the buyers, that should watch for pitfalls.

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Buyer unaware of Orangeville home’s grim history, abandons sale

Soon after moving into their seemingly idyllic new home, a family learns of a brutal crime committed against former residents of the dwelling . . . Buyer beware

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Divorce among Baby Boomer and Seniors

Divorce among Baby Boomer and Seniors is becoming more and more common. This advice, written in the first person is my take on what to avoid when you are faced with the unfortunate circumstance of divorce.

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