Jacqueline Cahill
Incontinence Expert

Jacqueline Cahill

Jacqueline Cahill is the Executive Director of The Canadian Continence Foundation,(TCCF).

Jacqueline graduated from McGill University and has for most of her career worked in the non-profit sector.

She has held the position as Executive Director of The Canadian Continence Foundation (TCCF) since 2005. During this period the Foundation has not only increased in national recognition as “The Patient Voice” for those living with incontinence it has also put this taboo condition on “the map” as a chronic condition which can be treated and often cured. To this end, Jacqueline has been successful in harnessing government’s attention through Access to Treatment and Reimbursement advocacy initiatives, as well as forming a National Incontinence Coalition, comprising of Canadian Patient Organizations representing those living with incontinence.

Jacqueline has fostered close alliances and partnerships both nationally and internationally with many stakeholders who share an interest in improving incontinence care, management and treatment. Her primary areas of expertise are: Patient Advocacy, Patient and Public Education and Awareness, Public Relations and Fundraising.

Jacqueline is an Active member of the following professional and patient organizations:

Canadian Incontinence Coalition: Founding member

World Federation of Incontinent Patients: Vice-President

International Continence Society committee member: Chair: Publication and Communications Committee, member Fistula Committee, member Local Organizing Committee ICS 2015 Annual Meeting, Associate Editor: ICS News

International Urogynaecological Association committee member: Member

International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations: Member

Canadian Health Charities Coalition: Member

About The Canadian Continence Foundation

Patient organizations work to ensure those suffering with incontinence have better access to care, treatment, and education, and give a voice to many who suffer in silence. They advocate to shatter the stigma of incontinence, empower those with incontinence to seek help, provide accurate information on both the condition and the treatment, drive early diagnosis and treatment, regain quality of life for those with incontinence, educate the public, patient, government, and primary health care professionals, are patient advocates, and collectively represent the ”Patient Voice”. TCCF is a Patient Group founded in 1986. It is the only Canadian non-profit charity serving the interest of people experiencing incontinence. TCCF’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for people experiencing incontinence by helping, them and/or their caregivers to confidently seek and access cures and treatment options. To this end, the Foundation will implement and encourage important public and professional education, support, advocacy and research to advance incontinence treatment and/or management. TCCF encourages education and awareness of incontinence and among other public services, produces and distributes “The Source”, a detailed urinary and fecal incontinence management guidebook for patients and caregivers.

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