Shayna Maislin, BA
Assistive Listening Expert

Shayna Maislin

Shayna Maislin is an Executive Consultant /Specializing in Telecommunication needs for Seniors and the Disabled

Shayna is a Special Needs consultant who graduated from McDonald College at McGill University as an Educator. Since that time, Shayna has taught French, worked for Bell Canada and as part of her career at Bell managed the Special Needs Centre. After having worked for more than 20 years, Shayna continued with her passion for Special Needs and Telecommunications by moving on to consult with Telephone Companies across Canada .She is also partnered with Clear Sight and Sound, a Division of Hall Telecommunications the largest Distributor of Assisted Listening Devices in Canada.

With 36 years of experience with Assisted Listening Devices, Shayna understands the requirements and is committed to providing the right kind of product for those who have lost their hearing, sight and mobility. Working with Home Health Care providers, various organizations and agencies, retirement residences, and caregivers, Shayna brings her knowledge and understanding of what is required to allow someone to live independently.
Shayna is currently living in Aurora, married, with two children and four fantastic grandchildren.

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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Because only about 16% of physicians routinely screen for hearing loss, experts agree the best place to start is with a hearing evaluation by An Audiologist or a licensed hearing care practitioner. Specifically, a baseline hearing screening is recommended beginning at age 50, followed by annual exams starting at age 55. Hearing loss is on the rise among Baby Boomers and young people. It’s never too early to get your hearing checked, but don’t wait past age 50.

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Can listening to music or anything else through ear buds or headphones contribute to hearing loss over time?

Question: Hi Shayna, can listening to music or anything else through ear buds or headphones contribute to hearing loss over time?

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How to tell if hearing loss

How to tell if hearing loss is sneaking up on you

Hearing loss is rarely sudden or total, unless you are exposed to an exceptionally loud noise. It’s usually gradual – sometimes so gradual that your family and friends may notice the problem before you do. ere are ten questions that will help you determine whether you…

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