Vicky Riley Keyes
Downsizing Expert

Vicky Riley Keyes

Vicky Riley Keyes, is the President & Founder of Red Coats Moving Solutions.

Recognizing that the demographics of the population was changing, Vicky Riley Keyes started Red Coats Moving Solutions in 2004 to help people with the overwhelming task of downsizing and moving.

Today Red Coats is recognized as the leading move management service in the Greater Toronto Area. Vicky and her experienced team have successfully helped over 1000 clients to downsize, declutter, and make their move with peace of mind.

Red Coats is also a certified ReDesign and Staging specialist, offering services that will help accelerate the sale of a home or make it more comfortable for ‘aging in place.’

Vicky is a sought after public speaker on the topic of “Downsizing, “Clearing the Clutter” and more.

She looks forward to answering your decluttering questions.

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Helping move a family member with dementia

When its time to downsize and move a family member with dementia how do you as a caring family member or friend help them with as little stress as possible?

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Your Children and Grandchildren May Not Want the Crystal

Your children and grandchildren may not want the crystal, china and silver, but they may have a sparkle in their eye for something else ……

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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye To It All…

Saying Goodbye To It All…

As a downsizing specialist, you would think that with my knowledge and experience of helping people clear out their homes that I would have the perfectly de-cluttered home. Well, that’s a funny story.

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How do you know you’re ready to move onto the next chapter of your life and downsize?

Today’s typical Canadian baby-boomers, those born between 1947 and 1966 are on the move, looking to reduce costs and free up money tied up in their home for retirement and travel. Often, the family home seems too big now that their children have moved and they are ready to enjoy carefree living with fewer responsibilities (no more snow shoveling).

The trick to making your move carefree is to do a little upfront preparation.

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My husband and I are downsizing and moving from our 27 year old home. HELP!

Question: Hi My husband and I have been thinking about moving from the home we have been in for 27 years into a much smaller bungalow apartment. It’s been on our mind for years but now that our kids have been out of the house for so long and the maintenance seems like more of […]

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Cutting your clutter down to size

If you have lived in your home for many years you have likely accumulated your share of memories. But after awhile your special memories can just become clutter. Here are some great tips to help you start cutting your clutter down to size: Make a date with yourself once a week for 20-30 minutes. You […]

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Clutter can get you down

Let’s talk about clearing the clutter, not because you are thinking of moving now, but because it is on of the most common irritants home owners face today. The consequences of clutter are all too familiar…

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Downsizing by the book

There’s no question, we love our books. They are like old friends that sit on our shelves and remind us of other times in our lives when we read them. It’s why we find it so hard to part with them. Yes, books fill our lives with wonderful experiences, but they also fill up our homes too. So if you want to downsize or are thinking of moving in a year or in ten years, it is a good idea to start paring down your collection. Spend 15 minutes …

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