Fecal incontinence is an embarrassing condition: it is the leakage of stool at inappropriate times and in inappropriate places! It may seem surprising, but many incontinent individuals are actually severely constipated: stool is lodged in the rectum, and there is seepage of fecal matter around the stool and out the anus.

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7 Top Tips on Managing Urinary Incontinence

7 Top Tips to Help Manage Urinary Incontinence

There are certainly some simple life style changes and tips that can make your bladder problems improve. However, it is definitely recommended that you seek medical attention as there are specialists such as physiotherapists and specialist nurses that can alleviate your problem with holistic, conservative approaches and exercises. Your family doctor may be able to suggest some medicine that can help your bladder problem and for certain problems, even surgeries. Always start with the most conservative treatment as these alone are often very successful.

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Urinary Incontinence Awareness

Incontinence is a prevalent health condition that is rarely discussed as people living with the condition are often too embarrassed to discuss it with anyone even their healthcare providers. In fact, the World Health Organization calls incontinence “one of the last medical taboos”[1]. However, the fact is that some estimates indicate that as many as 3.5 million Canadians – nearly 10% of the population – experience some form of incontinence. Recent studies indicate that the number may be even higher, particularly among older populations. The number of individuals living with incontinence is likely to increase as the population ages, since the prevalence of the condition tends to increase with age.

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Tips for Buying Adult Diapers & Briefs

many people who suffer from incontinent problems are often embarrassed about buying adult diapers in the physical store. You might bump into your family or friends or even need to wait in line with your diapers……………

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It’s a leaky situation …….

Living with urinary incontinence (UI) is something that millions of people experience but never speak about openly. Once I realized this leaky situation had struck my family, I figured I should look into it further.You have to admit, the notion of bladder leakage is pretty embarrassing, but it’s more common than we may think.

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Seniors and Aging – Bladder Control Problems (Incontinence)

Incontinence can have devastating effects on the lives of seniors. It can limit social contacts due to embarrassment, can negatively affect feelings of well-being, and can also cause stress, leading to other health problems. Fortunately, there are a number of treatment options that can help restore quality of life for people with bladder control problems.

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