Top 10 Tips to Fight Cold and Flu Naturally

The best time to fight cold and flu is when you do not have it. Prevention is always better than cure. However, what can you do to make it go away faster when you catch it? We have put together a list of some tips to help fight and keep cold and flu at bay.

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Travel health

Pharmacist tips for Travel Health

Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic rank among the top five international tourist destinations for Canadians1: however there is still a risk of exposure to hepatitis A and B, cholera, dengue fever and other infectious diseases. There is a reported incidence of hepatitis A of 1 in 5000 in individuals who travel to developing countries while MOST of the reported problems are mild (respiratory infections or diarrhea)2.

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What is shingles and why is it relevant to me?

shingles once primarily afflicted individuals over age 60. But this is changing. Shingles now affects people of all ages. Experts are saying the lifetime risk of suffering from shingles is now 15 to 20 per cent. Many infectious disease authorities and epidemiologists believe the chickenpox vaccine, licensed in Canada in 1999, has modified the dynamics of the disease. However, it’s time we learned more about shingles and ways we can protect ourselves from becoming its victim.

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What is a Cataract?

I often tell my patients, “like wrinkles and aging spots, if we live long enough, we are all going to develop cataracts at some point of our lives.” Over time, the proteins that make up the crystalline lens start to clump together and the lens eventually loses transparency. What you can do for yourself….

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Combat Allergy Symptoms to Enjoy the Summer

Allergies affect approximately 3 million Canadians, and while many are aware of their triggers at home, they may not know which allergens are likely to affect them when they’re away. This can result in itchy-watery eyes, sneezing, congestion and an overall disappointing holiday experience. While these symptoms are an uncomfortable inconvenience to most people with allergies, they can be potentially dangerous for those who have asthma………

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blood pressure

Knowledge is Key To Stroke Prevention

You can’t control your family history, age, gender or ethnicity. But you can do something about other factors that could increase your risk of having a stroke, including maintaining a healthy weight, eating well, being tobacco-free, controlling your high blood pressure and controlling your blood cholesterol…….

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Trillium Drug Program (TDP)

What is the Trillium Drug Program and how do you know if you are eligible? This articles outlines everything you need to know along with some handy links regarding the Trillium Drug Program in Ontario

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The Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB)

What is The Ontario Drug Benefit and how you can qualify is all listed here. The Ontario Drug Benefit is a government funded program that covers most of the cost of approximately 3,800 medications, some nutrition products and …

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