Your Children and Grandchildren May Not Want the Crystal


Your children and grandchildren may not want the crystal, china and silver, but they may have a sparkle in their eye for something else ……

Downsizing and giving up on your possessions is hard to do; after all, it’s natural to develop a strong connection to something that has been a part of your life for a long time. Case in point – my old hall rug. It was purchased a long time ago from a rug merchant in Montreal. I still remember venturing into his shop, dark and murky with a lovely earthy smell of sweet incense. He told me all about where it had come from and I could picture nomadic tribes carrying it across the desert, carefully weaving on it as they journeyed across vast expanses, that was until it found its way to his shop and then my home. This beautiful carpet had lain in the hallway for many years and I just think of all the neighborhood children that have walked over it (all gone now from the street), the dogs and puppies we have had that have run across the rug on their way for a walk to the park, visitors from around the world, grand parents, babies, and friends.

When my daughter, Katy moved into her new home, she said that she was looking for a rug for the hall, just like the one at home. She had tried a couple of rugs that didn’t work and then I realized I knew where the perfect one was…. in my hallway! I knew that there were other things that I wanted to give away (like china, crystal and silver-plate) but not many of these things appeal to the younger generation…so I asked if she would like to try the rug. I felt if I had had so many happy memories associated with it, then she would too. So like the nomadic tribes that made the carpet, it was time for it to move on to someone else. So rather than being sad about giving something away, I am very happy that it has found a new home.

Vicky Riley Keyes

Vicky Riley Keyes

Vicky Riley Keyes, is the President & Founder of Red Coats Moving Solutions. Recognizing that the demographics of the population was changing, Vicky Riley Keyes started Red Coats Moving Solutions in 2004 to help people with the overwhelming task of downsizing and moving.