Our Seniors Real Estate Expert named Top 10 by Remax

After a lifetime of work and responsibility, seniors may suddenly find themselves feeling tired, weak, lonely, bored or all of the above. While retirement ought to be restful and rewarding, it needn’t and shouldn’t be sedentary. Without a peaceful place to live, the body and mind can atrophy and sink into poor health and depression.

Senior citizens provide a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to younger generations, and it’s not often that we stop to thank them. Let’s all do our part to find ways in which to bring joy and encouragement to a deserving senior. Help them enjoy their golden years to the utmost.

AgeComfort.Org’s experts don’t only care with passion but create examples. We are excited to announce that Barry Lebow, AgeComfort.org’s Senior Real Estate Expert was named Top 10 in Sales by Remax.


Congrats Barry and team!

Below is a note from Barry for the readers.

“Proud to be recognized by my office. It has been a great first year back in sales and I owe my success so far to one thing – referrals. What an honour to be referred to a client, a friend, an executor or whoever.

A good part of my business this year has dealt with seniors, with one senior buying the largest house of their life, another moving into a retirement community and of course, estates.

As well, I have served first time buyers, divorces and others.

Great to be back. I sold my appraisal firm divisions to two dedicated professionals, Lois Hicks, AACI and Jim Parthenis, CRA and am pleased that the clients of 30+ years are so well served.

I welcome referrals and make one promise, full client attention and care for their needs.

Not only am I having success being back as a full time REALTOR – it is fun and rewarding in helping people.”



Barry Lebow

Barry Lebow

Starting in 1968, Barry Lebow has evolved into one of Canada’s most recognized real estate professionals. He specializes in dealing with Seniors and has has years of experience in helping people downsize, sell off their valuable possessions and make tough life decisions.