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Product Description

There has been 2 improvements made to this brief based on customer feedback to Forsite Health

1 - The frontal landing zone is now clear and the the blue logo has been removed. 

2 - The frontal landing zone has been extended to both the right and left of the brief for added tape landing zone surface area. 

For our USA Customers - you can find these briefs on click here 

 Introducing one of the most absorbent Adult Briefs ever, the Forsite Health AM/PM™ Maximum Adult Briefs.

If you or a family member want to find incontinence briefs that let you go about your daily routine and nightly rest in fully-protected comfort, Forsite’s AM/PM Maximum Absorbency Adult Briefs provide a high-quality choice that won’t let you down. Expect incredible comfort and absorbency in these high-quality adult disposable briefs that boast soft-standing leak guards, wetness indicator, odor protection, high-grade USA fluff core, a comfy elastic waistband, and the amazing absorbency of over 5000ml. 

  • Maximum absorbency brief for moderate to heavy incontinence, whether it’s during your daily errands or your nightly rest.
  • Long-lasting & money-saving: these plastic-backed pull up briefs last for two to three changes each day, even for heavy incontinence users. That means you use fewer diaper briefs and you save more money.
  • Super comfortable and easy to adjust: these disposable briefs with an anatomical design feel great against your skin and feature strong, easily adjustable tapes with a frontal tape landing zone so you can fasten and refasten as needed.
  • Snug and firm fit: four tapes featured on the AM/PM Forsite Briefs ensures an excellent fit with the flexibility of refastening, which is ideal for active users.
  • Wetness indicator: there’s a fast-acting colour change system on the outside of these protective briefs to help show you or a caregiver when it’s ready to be changed. 
  • Stay feeling dry and protected: you’ll love the fast-drying high grade fluff core, soft standing leak guards/cuffs for extra peace of mind. There’s also an overlap of 3” on each side for added protection.
  • Elastic stretch waistband on front and back of these control briefs, so they feel great even on active users.
  • Latex free, for sensitive skin
  • The fit of these briefs is very close to the fit of Comficare briefs.
  • All cases ship in discreet plain brown box packaging.

Sizing Chart:

SKU# Size Absorbency Quantity



Medium 27"-39.5" 4615ml

Bag of 12

36/case (3 bags)



Large 39.5"-59" 5100ml

Bag of 10

30/case (3 bags)

Not returnable due to hygiene reasons.


Product Reviews

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  1. Good all around product

    Good all around product 5 Eric 27th Jun 2017

    Posted by Eric on 27th Jun 2017

    They are low cut, do not rise very high that is a good thing for me, It does not take away from the effectiveness of the Brief. Absorbency is better than most premium diapers. Fairly comfortable if you do not tape them on to tight. These are effective in holding up for longer periods of time if need be. Wetness indicator works good, plastic on outside of product is very soft, thick and durable. I highly recommend this product, just keep in mind that they are a bit smaller around the waist than other brands in size medium, I have a 32'' waist and they fit very good.

  2. the best

    the best 5 stephane 23rd Jun 2017

    Posted by stephane on 23rd Jun 2017

    Seulement le tape qui n'est pas à 100%

  3. Issue with tapes

    Issue with tapes 3 Philippe 4th Jun 2017

    Posted by Philippe on 4th Jun 2017

    I ordered a bag of these to try them, and the diaper is very well constructed, you can tell that this is a prime diaper , the only issue i have and its the most important one is that the tapes don't hold well , i went through the hole bag and every single time when i wake up in the morning the bottom tapes have come lose and you can't readjust them because the tape does not stick anymore , i am very disappointed because if the tapes would hold properly this would be my number one diaper

  4. We have an issue

    We have an issue 4 Unknown 31st May 2017

    Posted by Unknown on 31st May 2017

    First off i have to say that i have using these since they came out and i love them. However, i did write a review on these and wished they would take the label off the front. They did that, great... but now i find that they also changed the plastic on the front taping zone. This i find doesn't hold the tape as well as it use to. I have used the new ones now for a whole package and they all had the same problem. After 2 wettings the top tapes start sliding off to the point they just let go. This never happened with the original ones, they were rock solid. Although i like that the label is gone, i would rather have those back then the new ones with the new plastic tape zones. I have to say my only regret is that now is i have a entire case of the new ones and having a diaper that the tapes don't stick well, is a waste. Again it's unfortunate because i LOVE these diapers and they are the best... just wish they would change the front plastic back to the same as the original ones.


    THE BEST EVER 5 Corey 27th May 2017

    Posted by Corey on 27th May 2017

    Absolutely nothing better. NOTHING. After trying samples of different briefs from this and other sites, this is the greatest thing since fire was invented if you need long lasting and super absorbent.

  6. wondeful diaper

    wondeful diaper 5 Thor Macleod 20th Apr 2017

    Posted by Thor Macleod on 20th Apr 2017

    I love how these feel. They have the perfect crinkle, perfect feel for any one that loves to wear diapers. Personal favourite. The best thing about it is the price.

  7. Best Adult Diaper I have tried

    Best Adult Diaper I have tried 5 Robert 13th Apr 2017

    Posted by Robert on 13th Apr 2017

    This is now my main daytime diaper to manage my OAB issue. I agree with the other reviewer I wish they would make the medium just a bit bigger as I am in-between sizes
    but other then that Thumbs up for the Forsite AM/PAM Diaper

  8. now my #1 for price and quality

    now my #1 for price and quality 5 Alexandre Lavallee 12th Feb 2017

    Posted by Alexandre Lavallee on 12th Feb 2017

    They are simply amazing! Tapes are holding well, the diaper never leaks, holds a lot, keeps the moisture away from skin and they are very comfortable to wear. Thumbs up for me!

  9. Superb product - well redesigned

    Superb product - well redesigned 5 Unknown 3rd Feb 2017

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Feb 2017

    I've had to use adult diapers for over 30 years due to spinal cord damage, and have tried just about everything on the market. The original Forsite brief was excellent in fit, absorbency, wicking and everything except the horrible blue logo and single fastening tape tabs. I spoke to Forsite and Age Comfort management about these two issues, and am so happy they fixed things and now have the best adult diaper on the market.
    While a bit bulkier than some, wearing loose clothing makes them totally discreet.
    All in all I'd say these are the best product available in North America for performance and price.
    Well done Forsite and Age Comfort.

  10. Love these

    Love these 5 Unknown 31st Jan 2017

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2017

    Thanks for taking the gawd awful writing off of these, now they are perfect and will definitely buy more.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 40 | Next

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