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Parkinson Society Canada

parkinson-page-banner-1.jpg is proud to support and partner with Parkinson Society Canada (PSC). Since 2012, we have found unique ways to bring awareness to PSC as well as donate. 

Parkinson's is a neurodegenerative disease. Those who are affected experience symptoms such as tremors, slowness and stiffness of the body, impaired balance and rigidity of muscles. In our bodies, movement is controlled by dopamine which is a chemical that signals the between the brain the our nerves. When the cells in our bodies that produce dopamine die, symptoms of Parkinson’s usually appear.

There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s and those who are affected can live with it for years. The main therapies that are commonly suggested for the treatment of Parkinson’s are

  • Physical Therapy which can help mobility, balance and flexibility
  • Occupational Therapy which aids in daily activity
  • Exercise is very important as it helps joints and muscles which improved overall health

Parkinson’s disease was chosen as one of the primary charities for to work closely with as one of our owners had a family member who was affected by Parkinson’s. And since 2012, we are happy to say that the partnership has been a great one. On our Health Care Resource Centre, we have had the privilege of having a Parkinson’s Expert sharing helping articles and information about Parkinson’s.

We are happy to help support PSC and each small donation helps in aiding families as well as getting one step close to a cure.   


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