Automatic Re Orders is happy to offer automatic re-orders for our customers!

Benefits to our re-order program include

  • Lowest Price at time of order: Our system ensures that you get the lowest price in your item(s) each time your next delivery is due.
  • Email Notification: An email is sent to you each time your new order is shipped, keeping you up to date on your deliveries.
  • Top Priority Ordering: If any item(s) in your order are on backorder at the time of delivery, you are placed as TOP PRIORITY as soon as the item becomes available. A member of our Customer Care team will also call you to discuss your backorder.
  • Peace of Mind: Order once and let our automated systems and Customer Care team take care of your comfort needs. You don’t have to worry about running low on supplies again!

Call our Customer Care Team at 1.800.520.3259 and set up your Auto-Reorder today.

You can also fill out the form below and member of our Customer Care Team will contact you.

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